Wednesday, January 2, 2013

China Glaze Tranzitions

China Glaze has a new collection of color changing polishes, called Tranzitions. I'll be showing you the three creme shades, but there are also three metallic shades available. You can choose to wear the polish on its own or apply any top coat to effect the color change; I used China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat but you can try others. Obviously, using a fast drying top coat means you need to work quickly when you paint on your designs! The three cremes are my favorite shades — Split Perso-nail-ity, a pale lilac pink; Modify Me, a periwinkle blue; and Duplicityy, a sea foam green. They all dry to a semi-matte finish but the blue was a tiny bit glossier than the other two.
China Glaze Tranzitions
The formula on these polishes is different from any other I've tried in that it appears to be thick (possibly because of the special color-changing pigments?) but applies thin and streaky. If you loaded your brush you could get by with a single coat but I found better coverage using two thinner coats, although even then it showed every defect in the nail. Thanks to The PolishAholic for the heads-up on using a ridge-filling base coat; it did make a difference.

Be warned that this will not be a quick manicure! You will need to allow 3–5 minutes dry time between each coat or else the second coat will start to pull on the first one. Then, if you plan on using a brush wider than a striping brush, you need to allow a good 10 minutes for the base color polish to dry or else you will get a streaky mess! I had hoped to do some stamping designs — I have a nice, delicate vine design that would have looked lovely with the green but it didn't leave a thick enough layer of the top coat to make a noticeable change in the color. The thicker the top coat, the more pronounced the change. Perhaps if I had used a design with more solid areas it might have been better, but I found it challenging to try stamping a clear polish because I couldn't see it on my stamper and that made placing the design more of a hit-or-miss affair.

Then I thought I might try painting on a design with a striping brush, which was only slightly more successful. As I mentioned before, a thicker top coat makes the design more noticeable and my nail beds are so short that thick lines made my nails look deformed. So, a dotting tool for me it was!
Split Perso-nail-ity, without top coat
Split Perso-nail-ity is a great lilac shade that changes to a brighter fuchsia with a top coat. This inspired me to try dotting on a lacy design using rows of dots in decreasing sizes. Because the color change is not immediate positioning the dots was a challenge, but I found that if I placed my light so that it reflected the clear top coat I was better able to get the dots where I wanted them. Also, because it was a quick dry top coat, I kept a cotton ball soaked in polish remover nearby to clean off the dotting tool after every few dots because the top coat began to solidify on the surface.
Split Perso-nail-ity, with top coat dotted on
Modify Me was my favorite base color — I don't think I've ever seen a periwinkle blue I didn't love! This, unfortunately, was the streakiest of the three and I actually ended up redoing this manicure a couple of times. The top coat changes it to a deeper cadet blue.
Modify Me, without top coat
This was the color where I tried the striping tool but the results were so disappointing that I decided to stay with my dotting tools for all three polishes. I thought a leopard print might be fun, since I'd never tried to do one of those before. Not too bad for my first attempt!
Modify Me, with top coat dotted on
Duplicityy is pale sea foam green that changes to teal with the top coat. It made me think of organdy, for some reason, so I thought a simple dotted swiss design would work well with it. By this time I had come to realize that simple designs worked better on my short nail beds, but if you are lucky enough to have nice long nail beds you can probably be more adventurous with your designs.
Duplicityy, without top coat
The formula on this color was the thickest of the three and that made for a gloppy base, but I knew I would be covering most of it with dots and that would disguise it. The dots here show how thicker areas of top coat make a darker color change. As the thicker center of the dots dried it made a dark pinpoint, giving the overall effect of an octopus sucker. Appropriate for sea foam, I suppose...
Duplicityy, with top coat
It was so hard to resist adding a final coat of top coat to finish it off! I like a smooth finish, so the raised area of the dots was killing me, but adding a top coat over the entire nail would change all of it, although I suppose that the design would become even darker because those areas would have the thickest application of top coat.

Pros: the color change is caused by the clear top coat so you can be a little more adventurous with your designs because the clean up will be less messy. If you will only be using the base color it can be a quick manicure because you can get by with a single coat if you are careful, and the application was a breeze, barely needing any clean up.

Cons: because the color change is caused by the clear top coat, it makes it difficult to see your designs as the change is not immediate. The formula was streakier than normal, with some colors worse than others, but careful application might lessen it. If you will be doing any nail design, allow plenty of time — this will not be a quick mani!

Overall: I love the colors! I liked the base colors better than the altered colors but it was interesting to see how they coordinated. I didn't care for the thick-but-thin streaky formula because normally China Glaze gives a flawless performance and I was frustrated that I had to redo my nails several times when the top coat smeared or streaked the polish underneath. I don't have the patience to try these again, but I'm sending them on to Anna and I'm eager to see what she does with them!

You can keep up with new China Glaze collections by checking their website or by following them on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

**These polishes were provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**

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  1. Hi Robin! I liked Sea Foam and Split Perso-nail-ity the most, probably because the periwinkle won't suit my warm skintone. But the leopard design was the cutest, can't wait to try it out!

    A belated happy new year to the entire team :)