Monday, January 14, 2013

Blue Monday: SinfulColors Mauve and Comparisons

A confession: when I saw that SinfulColors had named this polish Mauve I scoffed and commented that this was the bluest mauve I'd ever seen — everyone knows that mauve is a medium warm rosy red color! I had even planned on starting this review with the definition of mauve, just to show them. Well, guess what the definition of mauve is? "Mauve is a pale lavender-lilac color." And I went to art school! (Hangs head in shame...) But in my defense, if you do a visual search on the color you will get just about any color between purple and reddish-brown, so I suppose it's considered a range of colors these days. In any case, SinfulColors Mauve is exactly the color mauve — a pale lavender-lilac.
SinfulColors Mauve
While I don't think this is a new color, it hasn't been available in the past year or so and it's in the new SinfulColors collection called Haute Rebel, currently available at Walgreens. This collection also includes several previous releases — Rain Storm, Inkwell, Smokin, and Mesmerize were already in my stash but I added MauveCool Gray, Beau Khaki, and Ardoise, which seems to be the only actual new color.

When I got home I texted Anna and Erin with my haul and commented that I thought Mauve was very similar to Zoya Megan and that I'd planned to do a comparison. When I went through my polishes I was surprised to find just how close it was to quite a few others!
Do I really need them all???
As you can see, Mauve is the slightest bit bluer than the others and Megan is a little paler but I was shocked to see that Essie Cocktail Bling and Zoya Carey are nearly identical to each other! I never even made the connection when I asked Erin to pick up Cocktail Bling for me after reading her review of it.

I do like them all, but when I was swatching the comparisons I was immediately drawn to Carey because, viewing them side-by-side, it was the most flattering and it had the best formula and application. I remembered why I called it the perfect blue when I reviewed it back in September. The formulas on all were okay, with Cocktail Bling being somewhat thicker and Megan thin enough to flood the cuticles, but all still within limits of acceptability. For under $2, Mauve is a great choice if you somehow managed to miss out on any of the other colors when they were released.

Isn't it funny how one shade can stand out in a group of seemingly identical colors? Just goes to show that nearly everyone should be able to find the perfect shade of almost any color if she looks hard enough!


  1. Great post! Although, I have all three of the colors other than the Sinful Colors and I was going to get that, as well! Maybe I should pass? lol!!

  2. It is also quite similar to China Glaze Sea Spray..I have it on my nails now and it looks like another dupe! Very nice. I never seem to see Sinful Color pastels. How did you find the formula? I've had issues w/ Sinful Colors formula..

    1. I love SinfulColors! I rarely have a problem with their formula and I have lots of their colors. What issues have you had? With any particular colors? They have quite a few pastels available in their core line, if not in every collection. I know I've reviewed a few here already.