Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Aphrodite Lacquers - Violent Delights

Hi everyone!  Happy Wednesday and I hope you are staying warm wherever you are.  In Baltimore, it's in the 20's and that is COLD for us.  Crazy.  Today I have a sweet polish to warm you up, Aphrodite Lacquers Violent Delights.  We are big fans of Aphrodite here and Rebecca has created yet another creative, cohesive collection with her Romes and Jules Collection.  Romantic, yet violent.  I love it.

Violent Delights is described as:  white jelly polish, packed with white glitters of various sizes and all the different pink and purple glitters from this collection, and holo microglitters scattered throughout.  The description is perfect.  I really love the white glitters in the white jelly base.  I thought I would need three coats to reach the opacity that I wanted but it was good to go at 2 coats.  If you wanted a little more coverage, I would do one coat of Essie Marshmallow or another white jelly and then 2 coats of Violent Delights.  There is a lot of glitter in this polish and 3 coats maybe sort of thick.  I used one coat of Seche Ridge Filling base, 2 of Violent Delights and one coat of Out The Door topcoat.  I would recommend letting the first coat dry a little before applying the second so the glitters don't shift around.  I did that and I didn't have to do any glitter placement.  

See the pretty holo microglitter that's scattered throughout?  I really love that!

Pros:  The color combo is just gorgeous.  I love how it's a Valentine's Day polish and it could totally work for it or you could wear it any time. 
Cons:  None to speak of.  I was really happy with this polish.
Overall:  Another great polish from Aphrodite!  

Aphrodite Lacquer can be purchased on Etsy for $8 for a full size bottle.  Check their Facebook page for details and restocking updates.  There are a few bottles of Violent Delights left so hurry up and grab one!

***This polish was sent to me for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.***

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