Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Zoya Amanda

When Zoya posted on their blog about Amanda being used in a fashion article in The Wall Street Journal (I know! Who knew the WSJ had a fashion section!?!) I decided I had to give it a try. After admiring photos of handbags that cost more than my car and coats that cost more than my house, I felt pretty posh being able to at least afford the nail polish that you could barely see because all the photos were in black & white! (Which might explain why no one knows they have a fashion section...)
Zoya Amanda
It's hard to describe the color of Amanda other than to say "beige." It's not peachy, it's not pinkish, it's not brownish — it's a generic Bandaid color, so it's another perfect mannequin hands polish for me. The formula on this was a little thick, streaking on the first coat but evening out with the second. I did have trouble with some bubbles on one or two nails but it wasn't a problem overall.
So nice I'm showing it twice!
Label shot for you numbers fans.
And here's another shot, as it might have appeared in The Wall Street Journal. Imagine that I also have celebrity giant sunglasses tucked in my bouffant '60s hair as I step out of my gleaming Mercedes, clutching my Chanel bag with my fur coat draped over my shoulders. Dripping with jewels, too, of course.
I wonder why polish ads aren't in black and white...  ?

Zoya retails for $8 and is available at and Ulta stores nationwide.

Click the link to create a new Zoya account and you'll get a coupon for a FREE Bottle of Zoya Nail Polish. TIP: If you use this coupon and add 2 more polishes to your order, you get free shipping too! The coupon will appear in the "My Coupons/ Promos" section of your "My Account" Page.


  1. Such a gorgeous color! How much did you get it for? We just don't get these brands in India *pout* :-/

    Your nails look fab dear! :)

    1. Thanks, Smriti! I'm not sure if I got this at regular price (USD$8) or if I found it on the clearance shelf or used a coupon. I may even have gotten it with one of the Zoya promos from their web site. I've had it for a while, so I can't remember!

    2. Ever since this post of yours, I'm hunting for a dupe that is available in India. No luck so far, but I'm so in love with this shade, I might ask some of my relatives to buy it for me from abroad. Hehe, is that sheer desperation or what? :D

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