Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sation: Holiday Golightly

Sation is cracking me up with their names these days — Holiday Golightly is a seasonal play on words for this Breakfast-at-Tiffany-box blue-green polish and it's the polish they chose to carry the name of their winter holiday collection. Good choice! It takes this popular shade to a new level by adding silvery micro shimmers for that extra holiday glow.
Sation Holiday Golightly
What I liked best about the shimmers was that, while I don't think they are actually holographic, they do seem to change color depending on how the light catches them, sort of like prisms. The close-up makes if look as if there are black specs in with the silvery ones but it's really how they are angled differently to the light. So cool!
See the thousands of teeny little mirror-like particles?
The formula on this one was a bit thinner than some of the other Sation polishes I've used but it leveled out well and still only required two coats for opacity. I think the tiniest band of silver along the tip would be a great accent and I'm mad at myself for not thinking of it earlier. Maybe for New Year's!

On a side note, I was visiting a friend in CT this weekend and we went to a TJ Maxx near her, where I found some Sation polishes and was able to score my own bottle of Stirring Silver (because Anna won't give hers up...) So they are getting out there — go find yours!

Pros: Those mirror-like particles! They really add that extra touch to a color so many of us already have in our collection. (We do, right? It's not just me?)

Cons: The formula was a bit thin and sheer, but that may make it a good candidate for layering, so maybe it's not a flaw, it's a feature!

Overall: I'm starting to look forward to each of Sation's new collections, just to see what they do with the colors and what names they come up with for them!

To keep up with the new Sation collections online you can Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or purchase directly from their website or Transdesign. They are also now available at some Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Winners (Canada) stores.

**This polish was provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**

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