Saturday, December 1, 2012

OPI Ruby Comparisons

When I was taking the photos for this post my husband walked in and asked why I had so many identical polishes. Men! I will admit, however, that at first glance they do seem to be identical, but they are not, and here is why:
Two coats each.
The differences are more apparent with one coat.
Royal Rajah Ruby is obviously the reddest of the group. While they all seem to have the same golden shimmer in varying degrees, the base color in this is also a warm ruby red so you really do get the impression of a glowing jewel. The formula on this was great and it was almost a one-coater.
Pointer— Royal Rajah Ruby
Every Month Is Oktoberfest is noticeably more blue. In the photo of a single coat you can clearly see how the base is more of a midnight blue. With two coats the golden shimmers almost give it the feel of a duochrome, with the red-gold shimmers surrounded by the deep blue. The formula on this one was great as well.
Middle finger — Every Month Is Oktoberfest
Black Cherry Chutney is very similar to Oktoberfest, only slightly less blue/more red and with less shimmer. It's as if the pigment/base is getting denser and obscuring the shimmer a bit. Again, great formula.
Ring finger — Black Cherry Chutney
Eiffel For This Color is the darkest and least shimmery of the group, although I think that having less shimmer is what makes it seem darker by comparison because the base itself is very close to Chutney. The formula on this one was quite a bit thinner and you can see in the single coat photo how it has flooded the cuticle.
Pinkie — Eiffel For This Color
Can I choose a winner from this bunch? Nope, I love them all! If forced to decide, Every Month Is Oktoberfest and Black Cherry Chutney would tie for first place with Royal Rajah Ruby and Eiffel For This Color tying for second.
The whole group
These are all amazing colors! Obviously, you need to get Royal Rajah Ruby because it's the only really red one of the group. Then you need Every Month Is Oktoberfest because it's got that deep midnight blue. And you need Black Cherry Chutney because it's the perfect blend of color and shimmer. Then, of course, you need Eiffel For This Color because it's a rich burgundy with just a hint of shimmer.

Not the same at all.


  1. Great post! I love comparison posts. I just need the last 2 for my stash and I will have all 4 as well. Men definitely don't understand that they are not indeed all the same (:

    1. I know! Sometimes you want something a little more red, or maybe a little less shimmer. They're different!

  2. Thank you for this comparison. I already have RRR and EMiO and I was thinking of getting both BCC and EftC, but now I know I only need BCC.

    1. Well, EFtC does have a more subtle shimmer but it IS extremely close to BCC.

  3. Thanks - I really love comparison posts. I have most all of these - not my fav shade to wear but for a few months each yr...I think I need to maybe clean out some that I have in this hue and save the ones I really love the formula and finish on.

    1. I know what you mean, but how to determine which ones make the cut???