Sunday, December 30, 2012

Max Factor Moon Dust

OK, so I just have to brag about my amazing husband and the awesome Christmas gift he got for me (and thought of all by himself!) I had told him about asking one of my students to look for Fantasy Fire for me when she went to England and showed him the gorgeous Odyssey Blue she brought back after she couldn't find Fantasy Fire. For some reason, I didn't think it odd that he was surprised that Max Factor was no longer available here in the USA and asked me all sorts of questions about it. Unbeknownst to me, he got in touch with a friend's relative in the UK and asked her to get every bottle of Max Factor Effects she could find. She got some bottles of Nailfinity while she was at it!
Look at all these polishes!!!
So the polish I've chosen to showcase from this treasure chest of color is Moon Dust, another one from the same collection that contained Fantasy Fire and Odyssey Blue. These are all glass flecked duochromes, with Moon Dust having purple flecks in a teal base and color shifts to gold and green. I couldn't capture all the amazing color shifts, but here are my best attempts.
At the left you can see a bit of the gold color shifting,
while the rest of the nails show the purple-teal range.
At the edge of the colors shifting from purple-teal to gold-green.

Sorry for the kitchen counter in that last photo, but the kitchen light was the only one that would let my camera even come close to grabbing the color shifts!

Is this an amazing gift or what? What a guy!


  1. So jealous!! They all look so gorgeous!!

    1. They are! It's hard to decide which ones to use first!

  2. This is a treasure trove! Lucky you!

  3. Lovely! Little tip for photographing duo and multichromes, put your hand in a clear glass bowl full of wate in your well-lit area, and then take the pictures. The shift shows up SO much better, it's amazing!