Sunday, December 2, 2012

Famous Gold Opal

This is a polish that both Erin and I got on our visit to "nail polish heaven" and I finally got around to trying it, because, well, holidays and red, right? I've never heard of Famous brand and it's impossible to do a web search on it because you get all the actually famous brands of nail polish, not the unknown brand called Famous. There was no other information on the bottle other than it was made in the USA, so I can't help you with anything else about it. Since we got it at a nail supply store I'm assuming it might be available for sale at some salons, but can't guarantee it. Sorry! I hate to show you something you might not be able to duplicate, but I really like it and want to share it with you! I've given up on trying to figure out how polishes are named because, while this does have gold shimmers in it, there is nothing opal about the finish at all. I think maybe Rose Gold would have been a better name, but Gold Opal it is.
Gold Opal, by the not-so-famous Famous brand
Gold Opal is a very warm red with gold shimmers in it; you can see the shimmers in the bottle and — unlike Essie, where the shimmers stay in the bottle — they are also well represented on the nail. The rose red is kind of a "mom" color but the gold shimmers give it that little edge that makes it awesome for any age. The closest mainstream brand color I have is OPI Schnapps Out Of It!, but the base color on that is not nearly as red. The formula was a tiny bit thick, but manageable, but the brush was unlike any I've ever used. It was flat, but not as wide as the OPI brushes, and very long so it took a few nails for me to get the hang of using it. It turned out to be very easy to control, so there was minimal cleanup required and the color had no staining at all. Win!
Topped with Essie As Gold As It Gets
As beautiful as it was on its own, I couldn't resist blinging it up a bit for the holidays. I wanted to keep with the overall gold effect so I added a coat of Essie luxeffect As Gold As It Gets. I love the result! It reminds me of Chinese lacquer boxes (or maybe the wallpaper in a Chinese restaurant...) Very festive!

So what are your ideas for holiday manis? Anything fun to share?

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