Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Discount Discovery: OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It!

I've begun prowling around Marshall's and TJ Maxx lately to see if any of the ones near me have begun selling the Sation polishes and I found that one of them has a huge selection of nail polishes! (But no Sations. Sad face.) They recently had a selection of OPI duos that didn't appear to have much connection to each other except that they all seemed to be leftovers from various past collections. I got a duo of Skull and Glossbones from their Pirates of the Caribbean collection paired with Swimsuit... Nailed It! from their Miss Universe collection last summer — swimming from the pirates, maybe?
OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It!
Swimsuit is an absolutely stunning waterfall of a blue that, at first glance, I thought might be a dupe for the Max Factor Odyssey Blue I reviewed a few weeks ago. However, while equally as stunning with the glass flecks and all, Swimsuit is a much deeper blue and it also seems to have something in it that gives it a glow-y cyan highlight so that the overall effect is more like a sapphire version of Royal Rajah Ruby. So gorgeous! Unfortunately, also so stain-y! I cleaned up around my cuticles as best I could and you can still see how Smurf-like my fingertips still are. As much as I prefer to have my color hug the nail bed, next time I use this I will definitely leave a wide margin around the edges! Coverage was great and it could easily have been a one-coater but I added a second coat to see if it gave it a deeper jewel-like appearance and it did.

With the holidays approaching even this splendor wasn't enough, so I tried blinging it up a bit more by putting some SinfulColors All About You dry-brushed on the tips. The effect sort of reminded me of the costumes on an Ice Capades skater. Initially I considered using a silver glitter but silver and blue is such a clichéd holiday combination so I thought that gold might be more interesting. I loved the result!
With SinfulColors All About You on the tips.
Sort of looks like sequins on brocade, doesn't it?
I have to say, OPI really does an amazing job on the jewel tones, don't you agree?