Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sation- Calorie Countess

I think by now you all know how much us cousins love Sation polishes. Well here comes Sation again, completely killing it with their new Glitter Series. I know how many of you completely go crazy over indie glitters. Sation has this amazing series of glitter bombs for only $7 each!

Here's the collection in its entirety. Click to zoom and see all of the adorable color names!

We've got a bunch of these glitters to show you but first up I have Calorie Countess- A sinful, coppery glitter with silver string accents in a clear base. First of all, I'm not a fan of bar glitter at all. I love the look of these little hexes in different shades of copper and I think the bar glitter ruins it. You know what? I did a full mani of Calorie Countess and didn't get a single bar glitter on my nails. I love it. I started with one coat of Essie Fill the Gap base coat, followed up with two coats of Sation Stirring Silver and then topped it with one coat of Calorie Countess.

Look at that gorgeous gold and copper sparkle!

Pros- I can't say enough about these amazing Sation glitters. The coppery golden sparkle (and do I almost see a little bit of rose gold in there?!) is exactly what I needed to round out my glitter polish collection. I definitely see myself grabbing this glitter the next time I need a little bling on my tips.
Cons- Not a fan of the bar glitters but luckily there aren't many in the bottle.
Overall- I said it before and I'll say it again- Sation is killing it. I hope you all are keeping an eye out for this brand at your local TJMaxx, Marshalls or Winners stores!

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**These products were sent to me for an honest review**


  1. I love this copper glitter! I'm a huge copper fan...and I bought a copper glitter recently but wasn't quite what I wanted. This probably is. I went to our TJMaxx here yesterday, and looked all over the store but I didn't see any Sation polishes. Maybe they'll carry them sometime soon. I'm also not a fan of bar glitter, at all, so I'm just as happy not seeing any on the nail!

  2. What a great combo! I like this a lot :)

  3. This one is very unique, with the stray bars! I think you can avoid those easily. I do also see the tiny pink glitters, I found mine at tjmaxx it was the ONLY Sation glitter left.