Sunday, November 11, 2012

OPI Green-wich Village

Another nail blogger recently asked about grass green jellies, so I dug out a few of my favorite grass greens and was immediately taken with how beautiful Green-wich Village was. I've had it for a while and didn't realize it was a jelly until I swatched it for the comparison. I just love jellies! They are so shiny and the colors have such dimension to them. After all the storms we've had here lately, this fresh cheerful green was just the ticket. This one only took two coats to cover and there was no staining on removal, so it's a win-win-win for me. You have to go get it!
Green-wich Village
Green-wich Village was part of the Mod About Brights collection several years back but it's still listed on their site and it's not marked "retired" in their iPhone app, so I'm guessing it's still available. I know I got it some time this past summer, but I don't remember where!
I never noticed before that the number on the label matches the one stamped on the bottle!
In case you wondered about the other grassy greens, from pinkie to thumb it's Sally Hansen CSM Grass Slipper, a nice, bright creme green; OPI Green-wich Village; SinfulColors Happy Ending, a foil with gold highlights; SinfulColors Exotic Green, also a jelly and also pretty awesome; and Revlon Posh, which dries quite a bit bluer than it looks in the bottle. All pretty nice but you can see why I was so taken with Green-wich Village. It just seemed to glow!

It's a quick iPhone shot. Don't judge!
It's kind of nice to see all these bright greens before we head into the dark gray winter days ahead, isn't it?

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