Friday, November 9, 2012

Fancy Friday: Essie Navigate Her

Okay, so strictly speaking Navigate Her doesn't qualify for Fancy Friday status but there's a story along with this, so I'm letting it in. I have been looking for the perfect pistachio green polish, so I Googled "pistachio nail polish" to get some ideas. It's amazing how differently people perceive color! There were some polishes actually called Pistachio that I would say are most definitely a mint green and some were downright blue (Zoya Wednesday a pistachio???) But I gathered a few and decided to compare. Essie Navigate Her did come up more that any other color, so it pretty much put that one at the top of the list and deservedly so. Navigate Her is a gorgeous creamy yellowy green that's not too chalky or pastely — just perfect. The first coat was kind of spotty but the second smoothed everything out and covered completely. So, so pretty.

Navigate Her in its pistachio glory!
The others I tried were SinfulColors Seaweed, SinfulColors Adventure Island, and Essie Absolutely Shore (another reason to be wary of online photos, as you will see.)
All four contenders
Seaweed was my second favorite, being a fabulous color and formula but just not quite pistachio. Adventure Island was an interesting green that was close to a pistachio, but just a touch too yellow. I do think that it would make for an interesting gradient with Navigate Her, so I'll have to try that later. As for Absolutely Shore? Not even close! It didn't even look like the color in the photo that made me want to get it in the first place. I guess I was thinking that it would dry darker than in the bottle, but it was marked down at Marshall's so at least it didn't cost a lot. Maybe I'll dig it out again next summer...

After wearing Navigate Her for a day or so and loving it, I decided to fancy it up a bit and put some glitter on the tips. I had recently gotten some SinfulColors glitters at one of the Walgreens 99¢ sales and Call You Later looked like a good match. (This color had obviously come out before Carly Rae Jepsen's song.)
Tipped off with SinfulColors Call You Later
I like it! What do you think? Fancy enough?


  1. I just applied this colour as well! I wonder how similar it is to mermaids tears!?

    1. Mermaid Tears was a dupe with Sinful Colors Open Seas, which is much bluer. You can see it in this post and see how it compares to OPI Thanks A Windmillion here

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  3. LOL @ Wednesday being a pistachio color, too :D It's the best turquoise, though. And yes, Navigate Her is a lovely color :)