Thursday, November 29, 2012

China Glaze Winter Holly

Winter Holly is the green glitter from China Glaze's Holiday Joy 2012 collection, with tiny gold and holo glitters suspended in a rich, deep green base. Although the glitter is densely packed the base is so transparent that I was concerned about coverage, so as a control I used a single coat of Holly-Day from last year's holiday collection on my pointer and pinkie fingers. I then applied two coats of Winter Holly on top of that, using three coats of it alone on my middle and ring fingers. At first glance is doesn't seem to be all that different, but if you look closely there is noticeably more sparkle on the fingers that had only Winter Holly. Since I ended up using three coats of polish on each nail anyway, I'd say to skip the green underwear and go glitter all the way. It's so sparkly that when I move my fingers around under the light it looks like Christmas tree lights turning on and off!
Doesn't the glitter look like Christmas tree lights?
On its own, Winter Holly dries to a very textured surface, so if you like that finish you can skip the top coat. I, however, feel that a smooth and shiny finish really enhances the holo and glitter, so I added a coat of Gealous to smooth it out a bit, then another of Seche Vite for the quick and shiny finish. It would take a second coat of SV to really smooth it out, so experiment until you get the look you prefer.
Textured finish without top coat.
The bottle sent out for review had one label stuck on top of another, so of course I had to pry it off to see what was underneath. Apparently they originally wanted to call this Elfn Fun, but I'm glad they decided to change it — Winter Holly is a much better name for it!
I just had to pry up that label!
Pros: I love the intense green and the multicolor glitter is so beautiful to look at. Very festive!

Cons: I not a fan of textured polish and didn't care for the fact that it needs at least three layers of top coat to smooth it out.

Overall: I think it's the best of the holiday collection — if you only get one, make it this one!

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**This polish was provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**


  1. Gorgeous color! I passed this one up when I got a couple of the CG holiday polishes, but now I'm reconsidering! :D

  2. Oh I just love this one, it's on my wish list! :-)

  3. I bought it, just haven't worn it yet. Now that I see it swatched I'm excited :)