Monday, November 19, 2012

Blue Monday: Max Factor Odyssey Blue

When one of my students mentioned that she would be going to the UK for a few weeks I boldly asked her if she would mind seeing if she could find a bottle of Max Factor's legendary Fantasy Fire for me since we can't get it here in the USA and it sells for ridiculous amounts of money online (I really do take advantage of my friends, don't I?) She obliged and, since she's not a nail polish fiend as I am, we took a screen shot of a bottle on her phone so she'd know what to look for.

Well, she finally returned and reported that, while she couldn't find Fantasy Fire (not surprising, considering how madly popular it is), she did get Odyssey Blue because it looked the closest to her and she didn't want to come back empty-handed. (Do I know the best people or what?) While it's no Fantasy Fire, it is stunning in its own right. And it was hand delivered all the way from the UK!
Max Factor Odyssey Blue
Because the bottle is just barely larger than a sugar cube I didn't want to waste any of it, so I first put a coat of GAP Neptune on all but my ring finger since that looked to be closest to the base color; I left my ring finger bare so I could see how the polish looked on its own. Each nail has one coat of Neptune and two coats of Odyssey Blue, with my ring finger having three coats of Odyssey Blue. It doesn't really show up in the photos, but in person the depth of the glass flecks with three coats is striking enough that I think it will be better to have fewer amazing manicures using it alone than to have more lovely-but-not-amazing manis using it over a blue base.

For such a tiny brush and cap, application was not too bad! The formula is a tiny bit thick, so I may add a drop or two of thinner and that might also gain me another manicure or two. Sadly, the duochrome you see in the bottle does not show up on the nail, no matter what light it's under but the glass flecks in the sapphire jelly seem to glow a bright cyan blue, giving the effect of iridescent butterfly wings.
Left: three coats of Odyssey Blue, right: two coats over one coat of Neptune
Now, who else do I know who will be heading across the pond...  ?

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  1. What a gorgeous blue! Definitely as beautiful as FF. Have you tried a FF dupe? I have Darling Diva Polish Ringer and it's so close that I can't tell it apart from FF at all.