Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sally Hansen CSM Pumice

A lot of you probably already know that Walgreens is having a huge sale, marking down the entire Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure line to under $2 (prices appear to differ in some areas) because Sally Hansen is doing a refurb on the line and will be re-releasing them later this year. I went and got a few that I'd been considering, but not willing to pay full price for. But this is not one of those because it's a Target exclusive color and they're not marking them down (yet) and this color is totally worth paying full price for — it's also nearly impossible to find a swatch of online because I kept getting dozens of images of their pumice stone. Here's hoping this puts an end to that...
Sally Hansen CSM in Pumice
Pumice is a grayed out version of the minty green that's been so popular lately. At first I thought it might be similar to the greens from OPI Pirates of the Caribbean / SinfulColors Adventure Island but it's not really close — it's a cooler, bluer gray-green than Stranger Tides / Seaweed (or Essie Da Bush) and a much paler, grayer green than Mermaid's Tears / Open Seas. It's part of the Prabal Gurung Fall Fashion Week 2012 collection at Target that also includes the much talked about Gilded Lily, the only other one of the collection I got. The other colors are nice, but I do love my greens...
It's nearly identical to the green in the Panera logo on their coffee cups
Application was fine, although I recommend putting on a very thin first coat and then a regular second coat because it did tend to flood the cuticles, but the second coat grabbed just fine. I don't know why the first coat didn't grab onto the base coat. It dried nice and shiny, so unless you're impatient as I am and need a quick dry coat, this could truly be a "complete salon manicure" in just two coats.

I didn't get this when I first saw it at Target last month (and when I had a coupon — what was wrong with me!?!) because I couldn't decide on which colors to get. Then, of course, when I finally did decide most of the Targets had been cleaned out of the collection. Fortunately, I was visiting a friends in CT and there must not be a lot of polish fanatics in her area because I was able to get both Pumice and Gilded Lily, so yay me! And, even better, they were a couple of bucks cheaper at her Target for some reason!

So... If you haven't yet gotten this one and if your Target still has any in stock, get this! It's different enough from the others that I wouldn't even call them similar (well, okay, they are similar, but not too similar.) And if you have a Walgreens in your area, head over to get any others of the CSM line while they're clearing them out. I'm eager to see what Sally Hansen has planned for the line!

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  1. Just came back from Target with a massive haul of shame lol. This colour is so pretty!! Thanks for the swatch, I'd have skipped it otherwise :-)