Thursday, October 11, 2012

Orly Faint Of Heart with Sally Hansen Glass Slipper

I was going to post this as a Discount Discovery, but I changed my mind and I will explain why in a moment. I am so-o-o-o-o-o-o in love with grays these days so when I saw this bottle of Orly Faint Of Heart on the clearance shelf at Ulta I snapped it up! And when I looked at it closely I could see tiny flecks in it, so even better! Here the base color is similar to KOH Playful but the flecks are much, much less apparent. In fact, you can't see them even up close except under really bright light, but the variety of color of the flecks — ranging from black to blue to purple — add a lot of interest to what could be an ordinary gray.
See the subtle bits of color?
So why did I not make this a Discount Discovery, even though it was marked down? (Lowers voice to a whisper...) Because I think the bottle was cursed.
Note the smear of polish on the bottle...
When I first used it, just as I finished the second coat my sleeve caught on the bottle and knocked it over, spilling polish all over my white counter, beige floor, and black pants. (I know. What was I thinking???) Horrified, I tried to mop it up as quickly as I could before it started to set, the sink and floor taking precedence over the pants, which were now monochromatic Jackson Pollock pants. By then my manicure was already ruined so I wiped off the neck of the bottle and replaced the cap, cleaned off my nails and started over again with a different polish because I didn't want to look at this one again for a while.

I got to thinking... A markdown of only $2 isn't that great of a deal and it was the only bottle on the clearance shelf; there were others still in their regular Orly display. Clearly, this one bottle was cursed. My theory was confirmed when I tried again for this mani and the pinkie finger of my photo hand had to be redone twice because, first, I smeared it reaching for my bottle of Seche Vite and, second, when an errant fiber from the cotton ball I'd used to clean the neck got caught on the brush and pulled a huge glob off the end of my nail. Was all this aggravation worth a mere $2 savings? Well, maybe. It really is a beautiful color and I got lots of compliments on it at work today.
So you can find a non-cursed bottle.
Walgreens was having a sale on Sally Hansen polishes (Go! They're clearing out the Complete Salon Manicure line for under $2!!!) so I went in and in addition to a few CSM colors I picked up a bottle of Glass Slipper, a polish of white flakies and silver micro glitter, perfect for layering over this gray.
The combination of flecks and flakies is subtle, but effective.
I have one other gray polish with tiny sooty flecks in it, Misa Grey Matters, so I will do up a comparison post of the three before too long. It's a very nice effect and I wish it was available in other colors as well.

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