Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fancy Friday- Zoya Gilty

Have you heard about Zoya's 18k gold topcoat, Gilty??? Unfortunately, it was only available for pre-sale a few weeks ago and once it was sold out it was gone forever. I was able to get my hands on the Gilty Trio Set they were selling that included a bottle of Gilty, a bottle of Purity and a bottle of Raven. In case you haven't heard, we also picked up an extra trio set for one of YOU! We are giving away a Gilty Trio set to one of our readers and you can enter here!

**UPDATE! Zoya has released the Gilty Trio set again in limited quantities! Get yours while you can!!!***

Of course Gilty looks great over Purity and Raven but I wanted a bit more color to go with my gold. I attempted a golden gradient over Song from the Fall Diva collection.

As you can see, the gradient was a bit difficult to pull off. Placing those gold flakes was kind of tricky. My nails were also too long for my liking so I chopped them off before trying my next Gilty look. This time I just applied Gilty over Evvie (from the Fall Designer collection) in one coat. You can see I had pretty even placement of the gold flakes.

Pros- I loved the way Gilty popped when it was over Song. The bright colors together just worked. And who doesn't feel good knowing you have gold on your nails??
Cons- The weight of the gold makes it a little difficult to get the brush to pick up the flakes from the base. When I was trying the gradient over Song, the tips of my nails ended up THICK with clear base. It took forever to dry and two of the nails got smudged. Luckily, the high shine of the polish made it hard to tell. 
Overall- I'm really happy I was able to get my hands on this trio and I'm even happier we were able to get a second set to give away to our readers. But I'm super bummed that it is discontinued. I wonder why they couldn't keep making it??

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