Sunday, October 21, 2012

Discount Discovery: Sally Hansen Pat On The Black and Comparisons

Since Walgreens has marked down the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line due to its impending redesign and reformulation, I ran down to my local store as soon as I heard the news so I could get a good selection before they were all picked over. The price seems to range depending on location, but they're $1.89 at mine. One of the more interesting shades I picked up was Pat On The Black, a deep, rich plum shade that is very vampy!
Pat On The Black
It's a jelly (I love jellies!!!) so the shine goes all the way down — this is with no top coat! But, also, because it's a jelly, I needed three coats to get this level of opacity and, even then, there was a bit more tip showing than I would have preferred.

I love these dark, vampy shades; after Chanel came out with Vamp back in 1994 it gave this kind of color the high-fashion seal of approval and everyone else was quick to copy it, with varying degrees of success. I know I have several variations of this in my collection, so let's do a comparison, shall we?
So much vamp!
Pat On The Black, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure — fabulous color, not so fabulous formula. Needed three coats for coverage and was a bit thin, but for $1.89 I can live with it!

Prey Tell, China Glaze Safari Collection — the winner of the bunch! It was a slightly warmer, browner shade of plum, almost like dried blood (I think that was their intention) but even though it's also a jelly, the coverage was terrific and only needed two coats for opacity and it still has that awesome jelly all-the-way-through shine! This is my go-to vamp shade. I forgot to include SinfulColors Georgio, but that's pretty much a dupe of Prey Tell (or vice versa, since I think Georgio came first.)

Devil's Lure, Revlon Masquerade Collection — this was another one of the $1.49 finds at Ocean State Job Lot that I got back in May along with Jaded Night. I still see it here and there so you may still be able to find it. It has more of a red tone than a plum, but you really can't tell the difference between these first three after two or three coats unless you look really closely under a bright light. This is also a jelly, so it has that great shine, and this one also needed three coats for the deep red-black color. You could stop at two if you wanted it to be more red, but I like the depth of the red-black.

VIII, China Glaze X Collection — this one is not a jelly, but it's a one coater! Great color with one coat is always a winner in my book, even if it doesn't have the deep-down shine of a jelly. This one is also a more pronounced purple color, exactly the color of an eggplant rather than a plum under a bright light, as in my photograph, but under regular lighting it give the same almost-black impression except with a slightly cooler tone overall.

Plum Night, Revlon — I don't know when this first came out (at least a few years ago) but it was another $1.49 steal at Ocean State Job Lot, which usually means it's no longer available at the regular drug/department stores. It's a cross between being a jelly and a creme, so the shine is deeper than VIII, but not as pronounced as the others. Nothing a top coat wouldn't fix, though. After it dried I noticed a lot of bubbles that I hadn't seen during application but I don't remember if I shook it or not before putting it on. I will hold off on condemning it for that until I do a full mani with it.

I just love these deep blackened colors, don't you? The red / plum / brown / purple undertones give it so much more dimension than just a straight black.


  1. My skintone is pale. I have been wanting to try a darker shade for Fall, but am afraid to because I am so pale...I don't know what colors would look good. Any recommendations?

    1. Go for it! I am a pale as a vampire, myself. I'm always surprised at how well dark shade look on me, even straight black. If you want to work your way up to it, try starting with Milani's Dark Coffee, a deep, rich brown.

  2. I just got this one yesterday, and I wasn't sure about it. Looks great one you! Can't wait to try it.

  3. Did you get haute chocolate as one of the clearance polishes? I just grabbed it and would love to see your swatch of it to compare to how it wears on you all! :)

  4. I didn't get it as a clearance but I think I got it earlier this year. I'll look for it.