Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cheeky Summer Collection Plates

Today I want to show you guys an awesome stamping plate set from Cheeky. This is their Summer Collection consisting of 26 plates and 161 images. They are adorable! I'm going to show you the pictures of the set below with as few words as possible. They speak for themselves! The quality of these plates is fantastic. The etched designs are deep enough and detailed enough to give you a great stamp almost every time. Of course, since how your stamping designs turn out is also based on the polish you use, stay tuned for the fun nail art Erin, Robin and I have in mind for these babies.

I did my best to photograph the plates without reflections and I adjusted each image so the designs are as clear as I can get them. I'm working on my photo skills, ok?! If you have any questions about a design you see, just ask in the comments!

Look at the adorable case they come in! Great for storage.

See that little card? It's a plastic scraper! No more ruining your plates with a metal scraper!
Each plate has a Cheeky cardboard backing so you don't have to worry about cutting yourself on the sharp plates
Every plate comes covered with this blue plastic shield. Take if off before use or your design won't work!

Pros- The full image designs are large enough to cover your entire nail without any weird placement methods needed.
Cons- None that I've found so far!
Overall- Stay tuned to see us put these babies to use :)

Seriously, how cute are these designs? So many options! You can purchase this collection through Cheeky's website for $24.99. Right now Cheeky's Amazon store has their "Jumbo" and "Mega" plates on sale for 30%-50% their original prices!


  1. I really like the look of this stamping set, but I don't think I stamp quite enough to justify buying that as well :D

    1. Stamping is easy once you get the hang of it! Keep practicing, you'll get there. We are all still working on getting better.