Monday, October 1, 2012

Blue Monday: Sation Dance With The Drummer

Another lovely from Sation's Nailstock collection is Dance With The Drummer, a rich cadet blue that reminded me of a few other similar blues in my collection, so I just had to do a comparison once I was ready to take it off.
Sation Dance With The Drummer
While the formula for I Paint In Peace was a bit thick, the formula for this polish was thick and stringy so it definitely needed a drop or two of thinner (not remover! never thin out a polish with remover!) but after that it was a dream to apply and, also like I Paint In Peace, it was a one-coater! And, astonishingly for me if you know my history of applying dark blue polishes, it barely needed any cleanup at all. The brushes in the Sation polishes are so easy to maneuver  that you have no problem getting that much-desired smooth curve at the base of your nail.
Their web site is printed on every label.
When Sation sent these samples to us, Anna knew that I was a total sucker for greens and blues so she sent them on to me, but when I saw the photo she had texted to me I was concerned that I already had that same color at least two or three times. Hm-m-m-m. Did I?
I see the beginning of a great ombré here...
As you can see, it's very close in tone to both Nubar Boyfriend Jeans and SinfulColors Rain Storm, but just enough darker that it's not a dupe for either. It's also not as dark as Nubar Dark Wash Jeans so if I can find just the right shade darker than that — or lighter than Boyfriend Jeans — I think I'll have the perfect blue ombré!

Pros: It only needed one coat to cover! And it's another great blue, because I don't have nearly enough blues.
Cons: The formula on this one was really thick and stringy so my first nail got all messed up, but after adding a drop or two of thinner and letting it settle for a while there was no problem with application.
Overall: Sation is really upping their game with their bottle redesign and the release of their latest collections of colors. As they move into selling in stores like TJ Maxx, Marshall's, and Winners (Canada) I can see them becoming a favorite with polish lovers who might not have had access to them before.

**This polish was provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review.**

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