Monday, October 8, 2012

Blue Monday: Revlon Chic

After using Chic in a quick comparison with some other blues I put it aside for a full manicure because it was such a great color and so perfect for fall!
Revlon Chic
Chic is sort of a grayed-out teal blue, but the color definitely depends on the light — in my office light here at home it's a blue-gray with no hint of teal, but in brighter lights the teal is unmistakable. It would not surprise me if the color also shifted depending upon what color you are wearing. I'll bet when I wear my blue shirt to work tomorrow my nails will look gray. Chameleon nails!

The application was a little off on this one, with the first coat being very streaky and thin, so it was a pleasant surprise for the second coat to smooth out and cover completely. Easy clean-up, too. I really like Revlon polishes, but I have to wonder about those bottles! I'd say they're going for a vintage-retro look except that I don't think the shape has changed since the '50s. The cap has changed — at one point the top was slanted (which I actually kind of like), and at various other times the gold band at the base of the cap has been striped, shaped, or solid, but the bottle has always been this odd stumpy shape that reminds me of the mugs you see for use on ships. Could it be to keep it from tipping over? They do have different shapes for other polish lines like the ColorStay and the duo sets, but their main core line and the Top Speed colors have this odd sawed-off cone shape. I guess they think it's a classic.


  1. i've noticed that about revlon bottles too. but you have to admit, they're probably the most stable bottles on the market. hehe.