Saturday, September 8, 2012

Zoya Kelly

Kelly is part of Zoya's Wonderful collection, but I think it really belongs in with their Smoke & Mirrors collections because it's a deep, dark blue-gray. They describe it as an easy to wear alternative to black, and it is, although it definitely leans toward the cool side of black. In the bottle it's a medium dark gray, so I was very surprised to see it dry so much darker. In fact, after it dried I had to check to make sure that I didn't accidentally put on Natty instead, but that one is much bluer.
Zoya Kelly — as you can see it dries darker than it shows in the bottle
The first coat was pretty thin and streaky but the second coat covered beautifully, with no bald spots or visible nail line (you all know how much I hate VNL!) This is the kind of color that makes me want to put on an expensive tailored suit and stiletto heels and tap my nails on a boardroom table as I wait for my minions to bring me coffee, rather like Joan Collins in that '80s show Dynasty, except updated to the 21st century (I'm sure her nails were Dragon Lady red.) These are POWER NAILS!
Blurry label shot because I'm too lazy to reshoot it.
Now that summer here is officially over and the mornings require a jacket of some sort, these darker colors are just what I need to feel properly dressed.

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    1. I think each Zoya is my favorite until I try another, then that one becomes my favorite. ;)