Thursday, September 20, 2012

Serum No 5- Shrinking Violet and Pretty in Pastel

Today I have a couple polishes from Serum No. 5 for you. First up is Shrinking Violet- a purple creamy jelly with purple and blue glitter. I was almost able to get full coverage with two coats. I was a little impatient and didn't wait for my first coat to dry (don't do that!) before applying my second coat. This caused some of the larger purple hexes to drag and create bald spots that needed to be patched up with a third coat on a few nails. Had I waited a little bit between coats, I wouldn't have had this problem. Lesson learned! I used a coat of Gelous under my HK Girl Topcoat to give it a smooth shiny finish.

Pros- The little blue hexes in this polish catch the light in a way to make this polish twinkle a little on your nails. I like glitters that still sparkle even though they are in a creamy base.
Cons- The finish wasn't shiny and smooth on its own. Nothing a little Gelous and fast dry top coat can't fix!
Overall- I wore this polish to work and my co-worker said they looked like dinosaur eggs. In a good way. I like that.


Here is Pretty in Pastel- a pastel glitter mix in a shimmering nude base. This polish is LOADED with pastel glitter. I've never used a pastel glitter before so it was interesting to see. The shimmery base in a little sheer so I layered one coat of Pretty in Pastel over two coats of Essie- To Buy or Not To Buy. I didn't get any pictures of the underwear on its own though. Sorry :(

Some of the polishes in the Serum No. 5 shop include a little application tip in the description, "Tip- To easily apply the glitter polish, give the brush a little swirl in the polish and gently pull the brush out." Here's what happened then I used this tip.

See? LOADED with glitter!

Pros- The pastel glitter is definitely something new for me and the shimmery base adds that extra special oomph to this polish.
Cons- I had to be very careful with application and sort of dab the glitters into place to get coverage and not have the glitters falling off the sides of my nails at the same time. Definitely needed Gelous and HK Girl to get this smooth and shiny.
Overall- This polish isn't a favorite for me, only because I like glitters to either be sparkly or not there at all. But as you can see, it's pretty cool looking. It kind of reminds me of cupcakes and sprinkles.

You can purchase Serum No 5 polishes directly from the etsy shop for $12 for full sized (15ml) bottles and $5 for minis (6ml). Don't forget to like the Facebook page to keep up with new collections!

**This polish was provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**


  1. I like both! Can't decide which one appeals to me more))

  2. They are both gorgeous, especially Shrinking Violet! I love glitters in milky bases so this one is right up my alley. Love love love!

  3. OMG, these are both gorgeous! More for the wish list!!!

  4. Pretty in Pastel looks like fish scales not too bad..