Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Robin's Haul and My Very First Knockwurst

If you haven't guessed by now, I had the biggest haul from our fabulous shopping spree. In my defense, I figured that since I probably won't be down for another visit for at least a year, I should stock up now. (And I'm afraid to admit that I did at least as much damage during my visit when we went to Ulta, Target, and TJ Maxx, but that's another post...) In addition to the boring stuff like wooden sticks, buffers, etc. I got all these goodies!
I could have sworn I had more...
 The five-piece dotting tools set had two that were the same, so I gave one to my cousin Karen (Anna's mom.) I tried them out the next day but only took a cell phone photo. I have lots of other dotted manicures that I've pinned on Pinterest that I want to try, so look for more later.
Parlez-Vous OPI dotted over Zoya Monica
Obviously I spent more time in the OPI aisle than I did anywhere else (yet I still found so many that I forgot to grab while I was there! I'll have to go back...)

I think everyone was itching to leave by the time I got to the China Glaze aisle so I only got these few:

Here are the random others I got — I didn't realize until much later that I never got any Essies!

On my return trip I stayed over with some friends and we went to an Oktoberfest party. Fortunately I had some of OPI's Germany collection from my haul so I put on My Very First Knockwurst and added a bushy German mustache using Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!
Pretty cute, eh?
Wa-a-a-a-a-a-ait a minute! How did I end up with the biggest haul with only fifteen polishes when Anna had sixteen and Erin had eighteen!?! Did I lose some on the trip home?

I had a wonderful visit with my cousins and we had a grand time at nail polish heaven, but after more than a week away I am waaaaay behind on my work so Anna and Erin are going to have to cover for me until I can find time to write up some posts. I do have something special planned for this weekend, though, so look for that...


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun ;). Love all of the polishes!

  2. It was loads of fun! Now I face the difficulty of trying to decide which polish to wear next.

  3. Holy mother of polish! Epic haul)))

  4. Great haul, love the color clubs

  5. I know this is a late comment but its a good thing you didn't get any Essies, Essie tests on animals and doesn't state that they are working toward not doing so! China glaze doesn't why does Essie need to also OPI tests on animals too while Color Club doesn't if color club doesn't why does OPI. Makes no sense to buy from those companies when most nail polishes can have dupes made by a company that doesn't test on animals.