Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halloween Trick or Treat Giveaway!!

We've been in secret talks with a BUNCH of other bloggers to put this awesome surprise giveaway together for all of our amazing readers! Heidi from DIY Polish & More is the brains behind this giveaway and she has been gracious enough to host and organize it for all of us! Well I should say, for all of YOU!

So how is this a trick or treat giveaway? The prizes are secrets :) Don't worry, all of the winners WILL be rewarded with treats, the trick is the secret! The prizes include store brand polishes, indies, Halloween exclusives, nail art supplies and more!

Check out this list of bloggers participating in the giveaway-
Polished Cousins - That's us!

Look how many prizes are being sent out! Look at that list! I can't wait. What is our prize? I'll give you a hint- You all have seen this brand on our blog before. That's the only hint you're getting now ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Unfortunately this giveaway is only for our US loves. But no worries, we are so close to hitting 1,000 fans on Facebook and once we do we have our own very special giveaway planned. And it's going to be open to our international loves! Tell your friends! You get a giveaway! You get a giveaway! YOU GET A GIVEAWAY! EVERYBODY GETS A GIVEAWAY!!!!

Did you like my little Oprah moment? I just like giveaways guys!


  1. Aah-mazing giveaway!! Thank you so much and to everyone for offering this giveaway!! So exciting!

  2. Thank you guys for teaming up! This sounds like so much fun!

  3. I cant believe all of the new fb and blogs I have been introduced to by this giveaway! Thank you all SO much!