Monday, September 17, 2012

Fancy Blue Monday- butter LONDON- Royal Navy

We usually save butter LONDON polishes for Fancy Friday but last week was a big week for butter LONDON. On Monday, Ulta had all butter LONDON polishes on sale Buy One Get One Free. The new beauty site Coterie launched with an awesome butter LONDON deal and the butter LONDON website launched an exclusive new color, Fishwife, a holo! I'm pretty sure my butter LONDON collection quadrupled in size over the last week.

Ulta has super fast shipping and not only did I already receive my order from their sale, I've been wearing this mani for 3 days. With not a chip in sight! Not even a bit of tip wear. Royal Navy is a gorgeous navy creme. It applied like a dream with two coats. One thing I love about butter LONDON lacquers is using their Tops & Tails Set with them for a perfect mani. In my experience, the butter LONDON base and top coats do not play well with other brands of polish, but they work some serious magic with their own kind. The Nail Foundation works as a ridge filler and dries to a matte finish. The P.D. Quick Topcoat isn't as quick as some other fast dry top coats (like Seche Vite or HK Girl), but it does dry pretty fast and leaves a shiny finish and wears like armor.

I've started taking Biotin daily and my nails are growing like weeds! I love it. They are so long and strong. I like to keep them on the shorter side so I'll have to step up my filing routine. I started taking it because I want my hair to be long and thick for my wedding. I don't notice any change yet in my hair (it's only been a few weeks) but I can't help but notice how fast my nails are growing. So far so good. I recommend it.

Pros- butter LONDON has an amazing formula with their cremes. Definitely worth the $14 price tag as far as I'm concerned.
Cons- Cleanup was pretty easy but as you can see, I have a little bit of staining along the sides of my nails. I'm a bit nervous to take the mani off to see what kind of staining might be underneath.
Overall- The amazing creme formula along with the Tops & Tails Set really does give you a perfect mani. I wonder how many more days I can go before wanting to take this off!

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  1. Argh! What a perfect navy blue, I need to get me a navy blue.