Monday, September 3, 2012

Blue Monday: SinfulColors Rain Storm and Boyfriend Jeans comparison

Rain Storm is another of the (many) SinfulColors polishes I picked up at the last 99¢ sale at Walgreens. I can't have enough blues! This is a soft medium, slightly gray blue creme, a color that I am always drawn to. There was a hint of fall in the air here, very briefly, and local schools started up again last week, so a darker color seemed appropriate even though it's still officially summer. Also, it's raining cats and dogs here again, so the name is absolutely appropriate!
SinfulColors Rain Storm
The formula was fine, needing two coats for full coverage, but it applied like buttah! I love how the SinfulColors cremes just flow onto the nail like magic.
Label shot
As I put it on I started to think that maybe it was a dupe for Nubar Boyfriend Jeans, which is itself a dupe for Chanel Blue Boy. When it was time to remove this mani I decided to do a comparison...
Boyfriend Jeans on pinky and middle fingers, Rain Storm on ring and pointer.
In the bottle they look nearly identical, but on the nails Boyfriend Jeans is a softer, slightly paler shade of blue, so definitely not a dupe. When I rest my hand on my jeans Rain Storm is a closer match to the color of denim (at least that particular pair of jeans), but when comparing the two colors I have to say that Boyfriend Jeans is the one I like better. It's a really close call, but something about the softer blue just gives it the edge — even my husband picked that one with no hesitation. Not to say that Rain Storm isn't a great color, is totally is, but if I had to choose one, Boyfriend Jeans would be the hands down winner (heh heh.) Maybe because it is such a close match to the Chanel color? In any case, I'm glad I don't have to decide and I can wear both! There was no problem with staining with either polish so I can't even use that as a point against.

If you've been stalking Chanel Blue Boy but didn't want to pay the price, Boyfriend Jeans is the alternative. As far as I know it's only available as part of the Jeans Collection set, which sells for $20 for three polishes, whereas the Chanel original is currently selling for $60 on Amazon (seriously!?!) But for a mere $1.99 or less you can find Rain Storm at nearly any Walgreens, Rite Aid, or Target and have a close-enough shade of a lovely cloudy blue.

UPDATE: based on Nat's comment (below) about Revlon also duping the Les Jeans de Chanel collection I decided to swatch the two that I had on a nail wheel to compare them to the Nubar polishes. I didn't have Revlon Fashionista so I didn't compare anything to Nubar Dark Wash Jeans. Since this blog shows that Boyfriend Jeans and Blue Boy are identical (and that was really the only Chanel color I was actually interested in) I will take it on faith that the other two are dupes, too. So, while the Revlons don't match very well at all, they are still lovely colors all on their own merits.
Who matches Chanel better?


  1. From what I have heard, there are some Revlon dupes for this Chanel collection, too. Fashionista, etc. from the new core colors that came out earlier this year.

    1. I wasn't aware of that so, since I had two of the three, I decided to compare them on a color wheel (see addition above.) I don't have Fashionista so I couldn't compare that one to Nubar Dark Wash Jeans but you can see that the other two aren't really that close at all. I don't have the Chanel polishes to compare any of them to, but I know that Coco Blue has a shimmer and Dreamer does not, so based on that I'd say that the Nubar collection is probably a closer match. Revlon Chic looks very gray compared to Boyfriend Jeans.

  2. Replies
    1. Sigh. Yes, it is. I just love my blue polishes...

  3. This color also looks close to Zoya Natty from your pictures. Beautiful.

    1. You're right! They are extremely close, with Natty being just a touch darker.