Thursday, September 6, 2012

Aphrodite Lacquers- Friday Night Glitter Bombs Part 2

Here is Part 2 of our Aphrodite Lacquers Friday Night Glitter Bombs review. Erin posted Part 1 the other day. I know that Rebecca, the creator of Aphrodite Lacquers, likes to call these glitter bombs but I really can't agree. There are some seriously in your face glitter bombs floating around etsy and this new collection doesn't seem to fit in with them, in a totally awesome way. I hate glitter bombs. I want them to go away. I LOVE this collection. Rebecca really knows how to make a cohesive collection and keep it simple and pretty. Plus she adds to a subtle shimmer to a lot of them and SQUARE GLITTER. I've said it before and I'll say it again, square glitter is the best glitter. On to the swatches!

If you saw my guest post on The Nail Network the other day, you've seen my mani of Cult Nails- Scandalous already. I seriously love this polish and I thought it would be a great match for Pre-Party. From my experience, a pre-party is when all of your friends come over to drink on the cheap before you go out to the bar to pay for more expensive drinks. Ahhh, college. In my day we called it "pre-gaming" though.

I used 1 coat of Pre-Party over three coats of Scandalous for these swatches. Pre-Party is a sheer pink base with a color changing shimmer that goes from pink to coppery gold, and multiple different pink, black and white glitters.

Look at that shimmer!

Diffused lighting so you can see the shimmer
Pros- I obviously had no issues with glitter placement. I didn't have to dab anything into place except for a few stragglers that tried to hang off the tip of my nail.
Cons- Um... none.
Overall- The shimmer was much more prominent in person than it appears in my pictures. I tried taking a shot with the lighting diffused so you can see it better but I'm not sure it worked out. What I mean to say is, buy this polish if you love square glitter and shimmer as much as I do!

The underwear I used for the next Friday Night Glitter Bomb is Zoya- Monica. Erin reviewed the Zoya Designer Fall collection back in July and I loved so many of the colors I bought a few for myself. Here are a couple shots of Monica on her own. It's difficult to get purples to show up as color accurate in photos so that's why they look different.

Miniskirt is a sheer polish base with green microglitter, a color changing shimmer that goes from green to aqua, and color changing glitter that goes from yellow to green to aqua. This glitter really surprised me. It's got this magic duochrome quality that I really wasn't expecting. I LOVE it over Monica and I can't wait to try it out over other polishes as well. I took so many pictures of this mani to try and capture what I was seeing with my eyes. I think I kind of did it but you really need to see it yourself to fully appreciate it.

I tried for a blurry shot so you could see the sparkle

See the green on the sides and gold in the middle?

Diffused light
Pros- Miniskirt looks like just another iridescent glitter floating in a clear base and it is so much more!
Cons- Um...none.
Overall- I was so impressed with this glitter. Did I mention that the swatches you see show one coat of Miniskirt?? Perfect glitter coverage with a duochrome effect. Awesome!


Doorman is a sheer blue polish with color changing shimmer (from blue to purple to pink) and multiple blue, black, and white glitters. I used one coat of Doorman over two coats of Essie- Lapis of Luxury for these swatches. I did something totally wrong before swatching this polish. I cut my nails! I can't believe I cut my nails before finishing with this collection. So, here are some nubbins.

Aww wook at the wittle nubbins

Diffused light to try and show the shimmer

Pros- I got the same gorgeous shimmer and even glitter coverage with Doorman as I did with Pre-Party in only one coat.
Cons- As you can see in some of the swatches, a few of the blue squares are curling a bit. They all lay flat on the nail but I had to use Gelous to make sure they were smooth to the touch.
Overall- Another winner from Aphrodite Lacquers! I love this collection.

Aphrodite Lacquers are full sized bottle that retail for $8 a piece. Don't forget to check our Rebcca's etsy shop and like her Facebook page to keep up with the newest collections and sales!

**Some of the products in this post were sent for an honest review. All opinions are my own.**

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  1. PreParty is to die for! OMG I love the square glitter in it!! Loves, loves, loves! :)