Thursday, September 13, 2012

Anna's Haul and OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons

As you know, we went on a serious polish shopping spree to celebrate Robin's visit. Check out Erin's haul post here. I have had a terrible head cold all week but still I got myself together to go on the shopping trip. It probably wasn't a good idea health-wise but it was the best idea stash-wise. My stash has never been happier :)

I still have a terrible cold and I'm finally going to the doctor today. This post will be short on words because I'm not very good at making sentences right now. I hope this post makes sense!
Love my new polishes

Cheapo brands and Zoya swaps with my cousins-
Essence- Oh My Glitter!, Famous- Gray, Zoya- Toni and Kristen

My first ManGlazes! Courtesy of my fiance-
Cabron, Santorum, Butt Taco

I LOVE the labels and names
Get yourself some ManGlaze matte polishes here, here, and here.
OPI Germany picks-
Don't Pretzel My Buttons, Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine (best color name ever),  German-icure by OPI

Borrowed & Blue (maybe for my wedding nails?), Swing Velvet, Mademoiselle, Main Squeeze

China Glaze-
Splish Splash, Surfin' For Boys, Light as Air, Recycle

China Glaze On Safari Collection Picks-
Desert Sun, Manhunt, Kalahari Kiss, I'm Not Lion, Elephant Walk

 I decided to use Don't Pretzel My Buttons first. As soon as I saw the first swatches of this color on The Nail Network, I knew it would be the perfect nude for me. I was right! I will be the first to admit, this manicure looks terrible. I did a bad job. My cuticles need help. I'm sick! Give me some credit for trying. I had been wearing the same neon blue polish since the weekend and I needed a clean slate so I had to do something.

Pros- Great mannequin hands for my skin tone. Self leveling formula was great.
Cons- I had a problems with pulling on a few nails and needed a third coat to even everything out.
Overall- I kept imagining that I was painting liquid foundation on my nails, that's how close to my skin tone this shade is. Since I'm sick, I need to be sure to keep Don't Pretzel My Buttons FAR away from my foundation so I don't accidentally start sponging this on my face in a head cold daze.


  1. I've been meaning to check out Don't Pretzel My Buttons! Looks great on you! Feel better :)