Friday, August 17, 2012

Windestine Friday! - Secret Garden

Hello!  It's Windestine Friday today at Polished Cousins!  So let's check out Secret Garden. Because I am picky and demanding discerning, when I saw the advance pictures of Secret Garden I knew I needed it, without the heart glitter.  Call me a glitter purist or whatever but I don't like hearts, stars, moons, flowers, etc in my polish.  But I loved the color and look of Secret Garden.  The amazing Freda whipped me up a bottle without the hearts!  

Windestine describes it as:  Secret Garden consists of tiny white hearts among pastel green & pastel purple hex glitter in various size.  The base is clear and the polish is packed full of glitter but not obnoxiously packed either.  My swatches show one coat of Secret Garden over a few different bases.  First up, Secret Garden over Essie Splash of Grenadine.  This manicure is so feminine and delicate.  That's my best description of this polish.  I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee it.  I love how you can clearly see that the glitter is pastel green and purple.  You can even see the color in the mini glitter. 

Beautiful, evenly dispersed 

Underwear shot

Love how Windestine changes the font to correspond to the name of the polish.  This is a total secret garden font!

Glitter love!

Here are a few shots of Secret Garden over some other colors.  Um, I love them all so much that I'm going to use up this bottle doing different manis!  
Middle Finger:  Wet and Wild Black Creme
Ring:  OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam 
Pinky:  Sally Hansen Petal Pusher 
I think I'll try it over Color Club Hydrangea Kiss next.  I love the look of the blue but I want the shimmer in Secret Garden to stand out more and Rotterdam is taking it over.  

 Pros:  This polish is beautiful, the glitter is perfectly distributed, spreads evenly and lays flat
Cons:  I can't think of one.  Now that my bottle has no hearts, it's perfect (for me)!
Overall:  Like I said before, Windestine's lastest collection is killing it!

Windestine is available on Big Cartel for $6-8 for a full size bottle and Secret Garden is available!  

***This polish was provided to me for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.***


  1. Ooo I love it over Rotterdam and Petal Pusher! It looks lovely on you.

  2. it looks fantastic over the pinks-the lavender glitter pieces kinda disappear over the dark colors. Love it without hearts and I need me some splash of grenadine!

  3. love the combo over Rotterdam!

  4. I love it over Rotterdam! It looks perfect!

  5. Oh God! I want it and i need it!
    Maybe is has something to do with the name, that movie was always a fav of mine as a kid. I wish they shipped to Australia :(