Thursday, August 30, 2012

Polished Components- Reality

Today I have a glitter polish from indie seller Polished Components for you. Reality is from Ashley's Connection Collection. From the etsy description- Reality is 7 different glitters of various shapes and sizes that are all holographic and meant to capture the rainbow and shine in the light. There really are a lot of different glitters in this polish and it's hard to even describe each one. This is a total glitter bomb without being overwhelming. To me it looks like Jeweled Sand on steroids.

I wanted to test Reality over a few different colors before deciding on a manicure. Below is one coat of Reality over two coats of a base color. First is Essence- Walk on Air, then Essence- Walk of Fame, then Essence- You Belong to Me, and finally OPI- Skull and Glossbones. I was obviously feeling the Essence love that day. I really love how one coat of Reality looks. Not too much glitter, even coverage, and just enough sparkle to make it interesting.

Well, I still couldn't make up my mind on what to wear so I went with my two favorite, Walk on Air and Skull and Glossbones. I totally spaced and didn't take pictures of my full mani for you guys! I did most of my nails with Skull and Glossbones and added a few accents of Walk on Air on my left pointer, my right thumb and right ring finger. I loved it and wore it for 3 days! No chipping or tip wear issues with my Essie Ridge Filler base coat and HK Girl top coat.

Creme mani before I attacked it with glitter

Glitter attack!

Pros- I love that this doesn't have those giant hex glitters to make it INYOURFACE glitter. It's subtle and pretty.
Cons- I really hate the taped on label around the top. The bottle doesn't have the Polished Components name on it so I kept forgetting who made this polish when it was sitting in the indie drawer of my Helmer.
Overall- I don't have a lot of go-to glitters but this is definitely one of them now. I might even grab up a full-sized bottle to keep on hand.

You can purchase Polished Components from Ashley's etsy store. Full sized bottles are $9 and minis are $4. Keep up to date on the newest collections by following the Polished Components blog and Facebook pages!