Saturday, August 11, 2012

OPI Berlin There Done That

The new OPI Germany collection finally showed up at my local Ulta so I eagerly went in, coupon in hand. I was only allowing myself to get two because of the coupon, but it was so hard to decide!!! Schnapps Out Of It! was an easy choice but I really debated on getting Berlin There Done That because I already have so many grays — I love them so much and it seemed different enough from the others in the store that I could match it up against so I just had to get it. Of course I checked all my gray cremes as soon as I got home, so expect a comparison post in the near future. They are each different enough to need them all!
OPI Berlin There Done That
This gray is just gorgeous. It's a slightly warm neutral gray so it will go with pretty much anything at all and will flatter most skin tones. Application was perfection with no cleanup needed whatsoever! I might be wrong, but the brush seemed a tiny bit narrower, so that might have something to do with it. Love this polish so much...
For the info...
I am going to be wicked busy for the next three days so I will have no time to change my polish and this will get tested to the extreme for wear. I will report on that when I get time to do my comparison post, and I'll also review Schnapps Out Of It!, which actually seems more of a fall color to me and it's still too hot to even think about flannels and jackets, so maybe that one will be in another week or so.

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