Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer Challenge- Flip Flops

Lazy days of summer, indeed.

Sometimes I feel like the worst blogger EVER. I'm super lucky to have my amazing cousins to pick up the slack when I'm being a major blogging slacker. I signed us up to participate in this adorable challenge (with some other awesome bloggers!) and I'm the one who can't be arsed to make my stupid nails look like stupid flip flops so we can actually keep up with the challenge.

(I don't think my nails or flip flops really ARE stupid. I'm projecting here.)

So let's get personal for a minute. If you follow our Facebook page, you might already know that I recently got engaged. Yay! So between wedding planning of my own, wedding planning with others for their weddings, my fiance's job hunt and subsequent finding of a job, he is getting ready to move in with me which means I need to prepare my tiny apartment so there is enough room for him and his stuff. And did I mention I HAVE TO LIVE WITH A BOY!?

But really, it's all terribly exciting and overwhelming in a good way. It also means that for the most part when I sit down to write a blog post my mind goes all adknskfhidbg,fkmgvlduf9rfkldnvldsjdvsdov WORDS lidg9oetoihnelknp9ds8slkd TOOHARD lp0d9pklsoufelnf;lsdif0p NAP and then I fall asleep. So I have been sitting on a pile of watermarked photos ready to be written about and I'm finally taking the steps to write a post. Horray!

This also means I'm procrastinating a trip to Target for moving things.

I can not take credit for the nail art you are about to see. I was honestly stumped about what to do for this challenge. I thought for sure I had that Bundle Monster stamping plate with the flip flops on it. Surely, this challenge would be easy! Wrong, I do not own that stamping plate. So how the hell am I supposed to make my nails look like flip flops? Jessica's Nail Tales to the rescue. Check out this awesome flip flop mani that she made. Look at it!

Go check out Jessica's blog and follow it. She rocks.
So I took my inspiration from Jessica and made myself some blue upside-down flip flops. I used two coats of Savina Frostbite. Savina is a cheap brand that I can pick up at my favorite wholesale store for a couple of bucks. I grabbed this color because in the bottle it looked identical to OPI I Don't Give a Rotterdam, which had just come out at the time. Well this baby is no dupe for Rotterdam. I don't own both, so I can't do a comparison side by side, but Frostbite dries much darker than it looks in the bottle. 

I added a V of light blue striping tape to the tips and stuck a rhinestone to the middle while my top coat was still wet, one nail at a time. Flip flops! Ta-da! Thanks again for the inspiration, Jessica :)

Check out all of the other ladies participating in this challenge as well!


  1. That is so cute! I love the polish color

    1. Thanks! It is cute, I should get Rotterdam and do a comp post.

  2. Such a fun mani, and great inspiration! Frostbite is beautiful!

    1. The flip flops were super fun but the rhinestones I used were too big and they got snagged on everything!

  3. That's such a cute idea! I love the color of Frostbite!

  4. Really cute!! Love Frostbite! Beautiful color!