Sunday, August 26, 2012

GAP Luxe

Part of the fun of getting a GAP polish is trying to figure out which Chanel polish it's duping (if there is one at all.) Luxe is so distinctive that it was pretty easy to narrow down — I'm betting it's a dupe of Gold Fingers, part of a limited release at the beginning of the year to celebrate the opening of the Chanel boutique in the Bellagio in Las Vegas. They're both a gold foil with the tiniest gold glitters, but it's hard to tell for sure if it's a dupe based on blog photos because everyone uses different cameras and lighting. I will take it on faith that it is because there's no way I'm paying $50 on Amazon for the real one!
GAP Luxe, gilding the lily with gold micro-glitters in a gold foil
Luxe is a very sheer gold, with visible nail line even with the three coats shown here. Oddly, until I added the top coat, the tiny glitters were nearly invisible but they really popped once the top coat dried. Whew! It would be a shame to lose them in the glory of the gold foil.
GAP Luxe
As with any foil there are bound to be brush strokes, but if you do the sides first and end with the center of your nail they are a little less obvious, and the glitters offer some distraction. This really is one gorgeous polish!
Just in case you need a number.
So is it a dupe for Gold Fingers? Short of a side-by-side comparison it's hard to say. But for $6 or under for Luxe (depending on if you get it on sale) versus $60 on Amazon (or at the Chanel boutique in the Bellagio if you happen to be going to Vegas) for Gold Fingers, I know what I'm choosing! Spend that extra money at the gaming tables!

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