Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Everybeauty Boutique- Sunflower

A few weeks ago Erin showed you guys a great glitter polish from Everybeauty Boutique, an indie seller on etsy. We've already established that Everybeauty does a great glitter polish but today I have an awesome yellow creme from them too. 

Yellows can be tricky. Sometimes the bases are really streaky and it takes 3 coats to get even coverage. Three coats for a creme is no bueno! Good thing Sunflower has an easy smooth self-leveling formula that went on like a dream in two coats. Sunflower isn't a true creme though, there is a subtle gold shimmer throughout. It just adds a little oomph to the color. 

Pros- Two easy coats for a yellow creme rocks.
Cons- I've never been a fan of yellow polishes but I'm learning they actually look kind of good on me.
Overall- As I'm writing this, Sunflower is on sale and Everybeauty has a couple left. Go!

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