Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Everybeauty Boutique Misty Rocks

Erin reviewed another Everybeauty Boutique polish in July, Columbus Circle, a glitter that was layered over Misty Rocks. Because its beauty was hidden under the splendor of that glitter we decided that it needed its own post. I mean, with a polish this beautiful, why would you want to cover it up?
Everybeauty Misty Rocks
Misty Rocks is a great name for this polish because the color reminds me of the ocean in winter and it made me feel like a mermaid wearing it (and I can't even swim!) It's a greenish teal that I truly haven't seen in any other polish (and you know how many blues and greens I have!) and it's striking in its beauty. It also has the extra sparkle of a bazillion little micro glitters. Seriously, this is a glitter bomb without the hassle of trying to remove a glitter bomb. The combination of the aqua-teal polish with the gold micro glitter is truly a classic.
Look at all that glitter!!!! Like bubbles rising to the surface.
On its own it dries to a semi-matte slightly textured finish which is absolutely lovely, but I still had to see how it looked all shiny. I added a top coat of Gealous to make it smooth and glossy — perfection.
Misty Rocks with a glossy top coat.
Everybeauty Boutique is a shop on Etsy and Misty Rocks sells for $6 + shipping. Go grab a bottle before it sells out!

**This polish was provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**

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