Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daring Digits - Ice

Hi!  I have an indie polish to show you today.  I like to show you my triumphs and my fails over here and unfortunately, this polish was a fail for me.  Usually, I am a swatch stalker.  I follow countless nail blogs and love them all.  But sometimes when I see a polish that I fall in love with, I just buy it without checking as many swatches as possible.  This was the fail in this case.  Ice looks amazing here.  But on me, not so amazing.  I don't know why...

Ice is a rainbow flakie in a clear base.  I had no formula issues with this polish.  The flakies were evenly distributed and laid smooth.  This is one coat of Ice over two coats of Essie Dive Bar with one coat of Out the Door top coat.  Even with topcoat, it dried sort of dull and didn't shimmer and sparkle the way I'd envisioned it.  I don't want to give up on this polish!  I'm going to try it over black and see if I can get the same effect as Crystal's Crazy Combos did.

Beautiful pastel flakies

See?  Underwhelming.  I'm determined to make this look good!  Please check out Daring Digits shop on Etsy though.  They have some stunners that I want bad, specifically Girls Night Out and T-Shirt and Jeans and Ice Age.


  1. Well that sucks! There really is no pop to it! :(

  2. Oh man :-( maybe over black will be better?

    1. I'm going to try it over black and see. I want it to look like yours!