Monday, August 13, 2012

Blue Monday: SinfulColors Ocean Side

Ocean Side is an older color currently being re-released in the new SinfulColors Study in Style display. It was new-to-me, so I snapped it up during the recent 99¢ sale at Walgreens along with a few other lovelies. I love a bargain!
SinfulColors Ocean Side
Ocean Side is an almost-a-teal blue — initially I thought it might be the same as OPI Ski Teal You Drop and it is very similar, but quite a bit paler. They would make a great gradient or part of a blue-teal ombré. The formula was fantastic! It just flowed across the nail bed like magic and was opaque in a single coat, drying glossy as all get-out. If I didn't need the speed of a quick-dry top coat it would definitely be a one-coater speed mani. It dried a bit darker than shows in the bottle, so I do think I would classify this with my other cooler weather colors rather than for in the heat of summer. They did put it in their school-themed Study in Style collection, so I guess they agree it's a fall color.
The number shows that it's an older color — the new one in the collection is 1062
They should sell this color in giant vats — I think I want to paint my car this color! (Can't you just see it? Millions and millions of tiny brush strokes...)

After much scrubbing with pure acetone!
UPDATE: As lovely as this color is, it stained like whoa! when I took it off, so I think this one is a tosser. It's not unique enough to have to deal with the clean up each time. (Maybe I will paint my car with it!)

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