Monday, August 6, 2012

Blue Monday: Sation Oh My Oceania

This is the final one of the latest polishes that Sation send for us to review and I've obviously saved the best for last. Oh My Oceania is a glorious shade of blue that reminds me of the water in the Caribbean when I was on a Windjammer cruise — such a stunning turquoise-azure-cyan color, redolent of the tropics!
Like being at the beach!
The formula on this one was terrific, needing only a single coat to cover. I suppose I could have used a second coat if I was really concerned about VNL, but it didn't appear to be a problem. I was a bit surprised that it dried to that rubbery-looking semi-matte that is becoming increasingly popular because that muted the lovely blue shimmers so visible in the bottle.
The semi-matte finish doesn't show off the blue shimmers to advantage.
The blue shimmers were one of the things that attracted me to this polish, so I decided to put on a coat of Seche Vite to see if it would bring them out again. It did!
See the blue highlights now? Yay!
So then I got to thinking — what if I put on a layer or two of Orly Love Each Other? Would the pink/purple shimmers in that make this a dupe for Rescue Beauty Lounge Aqua Lily? I guess I'll have to go hand-to-hand with Anna to find out for certain, but what do you think? I think it's kind of close!
Adding two coats of Orly Love Each Other trying to dupe RBL Aqua Lily.
There were no issues with staining upon removal, which is often a problem with these kinds of blues and one that Anna had with the genuine Aqua Lily, so that was a bonus. I'm not terribly fond of the semi-matte finish but that's easily solved with a nice, shiny top coat, so all around? Another great polish from Sation!
I think this one is a must-have!
Oh My Oceania and other Sation polishes can be found at the Miss Professional Nails website and

**This polish was provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**


  1. Oh My Oceania is one of my favourite colours! Such an amazing colour and formula. I really like the first picture with the umbrella and sand lol

    1. Thanks! I spent the weekend on Cape Cod and brought some sand home with me.

  2. It looks so great, and I've been considering to put it on my wish list since I saw it first time :)

    1. You should get it — it's unlike any of the many other blues I have!