Monday, August 27, 2012

Blue Monday: GAP Neptune and Mermaid

This week's Blue Monday is a shade that took my breath away — I'm not sure I can find words to describe just how beautiful this color is, so you will all just have to head to your nearest GAP and check out Neptune for yourselves.
GAP Neptune
Neptune is a deep, rich, dimensional blue that dries to a satin finish. I just couldn't stop looking at it! I think it may be the perfect shade of blue to go with my skin tone. The formula is fine, but as with every other dark blue, I make a mess of my cuticle area for some reason, or maybe it's just that dark blues are more difficult to clean up completely? But unless you stick my fingers up to your eyes, the beauty of the polish overcomes the shortcomings of my application. Love, love, LOVE this color! To play the Chanel guessing game with this one, I'm guessing Blue Satin. What do you think? (The color is much deeper in person than in my photos, closer to a navy.)

GAP also sells glitter polishes and, although I'm not a huge fan of glitters, Mermaid was so lovely I just had to get it as well. I used it for an accent nail here but I also tried it on a nail wheel over some unlabeled matte green (I think it was SinfulColors Rise and Shine, but I'm not certain) and it looked equally as amazing. And it turned out not to be the pain to remove that glitters usually are, so I may use it layered over other polishes when the mood strikes for some pizzazz. Because it's made up of several shades of blue and green micro-glitters the options are endless!
GAP Mermaid
Loads of blue and green micro glitters!
Blurry cell phone shot of Neptune label.
Not-blurry shot of Mermaid label, and close-up of the glitters!

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