Friday, August 24, 2012

Aphrodite Lacquers- Romance Novel Collection

Ok so it's Fancy Friday but instead of showing you guys ONE super fancy lacquer, I'm showing you THREE semi-fancy lacquers. So I have a few polishes from Aphrodite Lacquers Romance Novel Collection today. I love how Aphrodite creator, Rebecca, makes subtle color changes or glitter shape shifts between her polishes to really make them seem like a cohesive collection. 

All of these colors have very lightly tinted bases. The color comes from each of these polishes being packed with microglitter. I wasn't sure if the microglitter would provide coverage or not, so I showed swatches with them on their own as well as layered over matching bases. Each swatch shows three coats of Aphrodite on its own on my pointer and ring fingers, and one coat over a matching color on my middle and pinky fingers.

Here is Enchant- An aqua jelly base packed full of green microglitter and white glitter

I layered Enchant over two coats of Revlon- Posh

Here we have TemptAn blue jelly base packed full of sky blue microglitter and white glitter.

I layered Tempt over two coats of Zoya- Song

Last we have ForbiddenAn purple jelly base packed full of amethyst microglitter and white glitter

I layered Forbidden over two coats of Zoya- Suri

Pros- As it turned out, each of the polishes had pretty good jelly coverage on their own. But I still prefer them over the matching bases for that extra pop
Cons- Even though I like the jelly covered of these polishes on their own, they show a lot of VNL and I know how many of you hate that.
Overall- Great glitter coverage and placement, interesting glitter combos. Go buy them! And like Aphrodite on Facebook too.


  1. I love wearing these on their own but I also love VNL. The only one I don't have is Tempt, and you made that look so amazing over Zoya!!!!