Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer - Flag Day

Hello!  I have our third post in the Lazy Days of Summer Challenge, Flag Day.  I've seen so many posts in the last few weeks with red, white and blue gllitter and when I went through my stash, I found that I'm not so patriotic when it comes to painting my nails.  I grabbed my red, white and blue polishes, an awesome indie, striping tape and some silver glitters and went to town. 

Still getting the hang of the striping tape.  Don't judge.

I think this is the most nail polish I've ever used for one mani
From left to right:
Famous - Red Convertible
Hema - Diamond Blue (this is a polish that Robin's awesome friend Tina brought back from The Netherlands for us)
Lac Attack - Rydell Forever
Sally Hansen - White Out (best white ever)
I.C.E. - Silver Star
Pure Ice - Beware

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  1. Great mani. I can't tell that you're new at using striping tape! :)

  2. This is a really cute mani! What does your thumb look like though? ;o)

    1. Oh girl, I think we both know what's on my thumb. Nothing! This mani stayed on for about 10 minutes.