Friday, July 20, 2012

Discount Fancy Friday: Deborah Lippmann Naked!

(No, it's not photos of Deborah Lippmann without her clothes on, so if a Google search brought you here expecting that you can leave now...)
A gen-yoo-wine Deborah Lippmann for cheap!
If you're on Twitter or visit the nail blogs, by now you must have heard about Deborah Lippmann polishes being spotted at TJ Maxx. It's true! I stopped off at the one near work this past Monday and saw two bottles each of  Pearly Queen, Oh You Pretty Things, and Naked. I know that both Anna and Erin have a few Deborah Lippmanns and they really like them, and quite a few more are on their stalker list. (See, Erin! It's catching on!) However, I'm too cheap sensible to pay that kind of money for a polish that isn't as special as KOH Blue Universe. But if I spot it at a bargain? I'm all over it! I'm not positive, but I think the little pink ribbon meant it was part of a limited edition Juicy Couture collaboration, but I could be wrong. It's still cute, though.

Stark, staring Naked! Three coats.
Label shot to show it's the real thing.
The first two colors didn't really appeal to me so I only got Naked. Erin and I have been on a quest for the perfect nude polish (Quicksand and Yummy Mummy are recent reviews) and, since it's been too hot and humid to wear clothes lately, Naked seemed the perfect choice. It's so weird that it does appear to be the exact same color as my skin! It's very sheer, so that may have something to do with it, maybe letting some of my skin tone show through? In any case, absolutely mannequin hands for me.
Compare the original price and what TJ Maxx thought it was. They might have charged $8 if they'd noticed!
As I mentioned, the formula is very sheer but it builds up nicely with only minimal VNL showing after three coats. Flows smoothly with no bald spots or pulling and easy to clean up (although it matches my skin so closely I might not have noticed.) I already have so many flesh-toned polishes but this is unlike any of them, so it's definitely a keeper.

I haven't heard if any colors other than the three I mentioned have been spotted, but if you're near a TJ Maxx it's worth a visit to see what you can find. I also saw a few Essies and some OPI minis so I think I will have to add TJ Maxx to my regular rotation of shops to check out!


  1. If you find any more you must buy them for me! Just kidding. :) Now how do I get a TJ Maxx out here?

  2. Naked nails are nice once in awhile. I don't think we even have TJ Maxx in Canada. Well if we do theres not one in my city

    1. It's part of TJX Corporation and they have stores in some other countries, but not in Canada, apparently.

  3. This looks lovely on you! I'm still on the lookout for my perfect mannequin hand nude!