Monday, July 23, 2012

Discount Blue Monday: Sally Hansen Barely Blue Bell

Whew! Could that title be any longer?

I've already reviewed one of the colors from Sally Hansen's Designer Series this year, Parrot. When I was at Target recently I saw that they had marked down what was left of the series so I picked up Barely Blue Bell. I had debated getting it because I already have so many bright pastel blues, but I missed out on Barracuda last year and when I saw it at a reduced price I decided to spring for it. ($4.18? Who sets these weird prices?) I also picked up Loves Me Not, so look for that review later on.
I already have several like this, don't I?
OK, so it's not at all like my other blues. I read someone else call it a "pool" color and that's the perfect description — this is absolutely the color of pool liners! And, as such, it totally gives me lobster claws. Sad face. A lovely color that looks awful on me. Sad, sad face.
But look at that flawless application!
I've already mentioned that I'm not terribly fond of the awkward flat brush that comes with the Complete Salon Manicure bottle but I have to admit it came through on this polish. See that graceful curve along the cuticle up there? No clean up. None at all. That's straight out of the bottle application. I was shocked, myself, because I had my acetone all set up and my brush loaded, ready to sweep in but there was nothing to clean up. Why can't they all be like that!?!
Marked down now at Target.
Barely Blue Bell is from Sally Hansen's collaboration with designer Prabal Gurung and is/was part of their Designer Series for Sping 2012. Get it while you can at Target!


  1. I think it looks great on you! Your skin tone looks great with it

    1. Thanks, but the light washed my skin out and the redness wasn't as obvious in the photos. My fingers looked scalded!