Wednesday, July 25, 2012

China Glaze Elephant Walk

I kept humming that Henry Mancini song, Baby Elephant Walk, when I was doing my nails with this polish. It's such a strange color on me that it's hard to describe! It's definitely a gray, but it leans very green and in some lights almost a teal and I'm not sure why. There are fine shimmers in it but they are very subtle and silvery, so I can't blame them for casting any color.
The greenish bottle color is more color accurate.
Unlike Desert Sun, the formula on this one was not at all runny — in fact it seemed a bit thick, but the hot and humid weather has returned to my area so having a fan blowing on me was probably to blame. It leveled nicely and there was minimal cleanup required, so no problems there, and it was an astonishing one-coater! I don't think I have ever used a polish where I didn't think at least a second coat would improve the look. It dried almost a semi-matte, though, so I would have put a shiny top coat on if I wasn't in the habit of doing that anyway.
Here you can see the shimmers a bit better.
Greenish grays seem to be very popular right now, judging by Zoya Evvie, Revlon After Party, SinfulColor Leap Flog, and Elephant Walk. After Party and Leap Flog are not quite the same but close enough that I didn't get the more expensive Revlon shade. I have the others so I may do up a comparison post in the near future. They aren't really alike other than being greenish grays, but it will probably show the green tones in this polish better to be in the same photo as the others.
The green tone of the polish shows up best in this shot.
I really like the two shades I got from the Safari collection and wish my budget would have allowed more. I'll have to keep any eye out for sales at Sally Beauty Supply!


  1. I think this is a very soft and beautiful shade of grey. Like it a lot!

  2. I have this on now but haven't posted about it yet..I agree with you on the thickness. I've had some chipping faster than I did with the other polish I purchased from this collection, Kalahari Kiss. But I do like the shininess but still matte look to this polish..

    1. Did you also do one coat of it?

  3. Really beautiful delicate grey shade!