Monday, July 30, 2012

Blue Monday- Sation- Rock A Guy Blue and Most Hue-Nique

Today I have a couple more new Sation polishes for you guys! I'm really into these new Sation collections. I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us. I have two polishes here from two different collections and they just complemented each other so well I had to use them together in one mani. There are so many pictures in this post, get your scroll wheels ready!

I wanted to start off with some of the press release images and one of the videos Sation put together for the release of their new Fall collection, Little Horse on the Prairie.

Since I'm sampling from two collections in this post, here is the new Class of Sation 2012 limited collection. Erin showed you a couple from this collection last week already. So bright and great for summer! Click to zoom and see all of the gorgeous colors.

Ok, on to the fun I had with these polishes. Before I review a polish, I have to make sure my cat Mo likes it. Let's see what he thought.

Hmmm. Maybe...
Ok, I think this one is good.
Phew. Since Mo said it's good, I guess I can use it. Can you tell I'm a crazy cat mom? Because I totally am. I actually have two cats in case you all were wondering. But my other cat is far too fancy to allow me to lay things on her and take pictures. She doesn't mess around with that kind of thing.

Rock-A-Guy-Blue is a rich navy creme from the Little Horse on the Prairie collection. So rich. So pigmented. Almost jelly-like (my favorite) but still definitely an amazing creme. Two smooth coats. This is my new go-to dark blue. I love it so hard. I took pictures under a couple different lights so you can see how rich of a blue this is. Gorgeous. No other words needed.

I wore Rock-A-Guy-Blue for a day or two before deciding it just needed something. I was feeling sparkly. Good thing I had Most Hue-Nique on hand too!

Don't they look great together?
Most Hue-Nique is from the Class of Sation 2012 limited collection. Sation describes it as "a twinkling cornflower blue sparkler with aqua-shifting glints." I can mostly agree with that. The nail blogger in me describes it as a thick clear base PACKED with small light blue iridescent glitter and light and dark blue hex glitters. I don't love the way iridescent glitter looks over dark colors so I decided on a lighter accent nail.   I removed the Rock-A-Guy Blue from my ring finger and replaced with two coats of Stirring Silver from Sation's California Gleamin' limited collection (see that review here) and topped it with one coat of Most Hue-Nique. Look at that glitter coverage! It was a little rough so I used a coat of Gelous under my Hong Kong Girl top coat to everything smooth and shiny.

Even though I'm not a huge fan of iridescent glitter over dark colors, I figured you guys might like to see what one coat of Most Hue-Nique looked like over Rock-A-Guy Blue too.

So much glitter!

Pros- I love Sation's bottle and their thick, wide and not-too-fat brush. It fans easily and makes application a breeze. Rock-A-Guy Blue is my new favorite dark blue polish!
Cons- Due to the thickness of Stirring Silver, the thick base of Most Hue-Nique, a coat of Gelous AND a coat of Hong Kong Girl, my ring finger was THICK with polish. I had some wrinkling going on at the tip because each layer was drying at different speeds. Weird, right?
Overall- I wish Sation polishes were more readily available. I can't wait to own more!!

You can purchase Sation lacquers from their website for $5 a piece. Don't forget to Like them on Facebook too and follow them on Twitter too!

**These products were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own**


  1. GORGEOUS...this blue is so striking and the accent nails are such a fun, chic way to switch it up - awesome work:)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it :)

  2. Beautiful colour and beautiful swatches. I have to get such a shade. :D

  3. Love the color, looks like it would go great with a jeans look for this fall. Also your kitty is adorable give him or her a snuggle for me please!!

  4. I'm wearing Rock A Guy Blue right now & I love it!