Thursday, July 19, 2012

365 Days of Color- Toxic Love Collection and Miracle Balm

Today we have some polishes from 365 Days of Color's new Toxic Love collection to show you plus her amazing Miracle Balm! You know how we love to share things here so this post is going to be a tag team effort from Anna and Erin.

First up, I (that's me, Anna) have to tell you about Sunny's Miracle Balm. This shiz is pretty amazing. Here is Sunny's description from her Big Cartel page- "It is enriched with vitamin E oil, biotin, and odorless garlic oil, which means it can help strengthen and grow your nails! Miracle balm is 100% organic, mixed with shea butter and my very own mixture of almond, jojoba and avocado oil.  Make sure you grab one, this thing is an all in one product!!! " 

At room temp

She's not lying. This stuff is filled with cuticle loving goodness. It comes in about 400 different scents and I ended up getting Pink Sugar. As it turns out, this wasn't a good scent for me. It's very sweet smelling, which I'm totally into, but it also has a perfumey-ness to it that was a little too strong for my taste. And you know how I know Sunny's balm is the best cuticle balm ever? I use it anyway. If you're sensitive to some fragrances like I am, you know how big of a deal this is. I think the next time I buy this (which I will when I run out of the Pink Sugar), I'll go for a lighter scent.

After a good swirl. You can see it gets a little melty at body temp so it's easy to apply
If you've never used a cuticle balm before (why haven't you use a cuticle balm before?!), application is easy. Just swirl your finger across the top of the pot and rub it all over the tips of your fingers. Massage your cuticles and get that blood flowing. I may have been guilty of applying this balm to my elbows and heels too. I hope that's ok.

I'm just kidding, of course it's ok.

Immediately after application
The first time I applied this balm I was a little nervous that it seemed really greasy. My fingers looked a little oily (see above) and I thought it would never absorb and I'd be stuck with greasy fingers for the next 2 hours. Ohh how wrong I was! 

Two minutes after application
Hello magical absorption powers! So smooth and dreamy and my cuticles have never been happier. Sunny sells her Miracle Balm through her Big Cartel page for $3 each (your choice of scent) or you can get a sampler for $5

Ok now here is one of the new jelly neons from Sunny's Toxic Love collection. Did you hear me? JELLY. NEON. This is Chemical Romance, a light purple base with black hexes of different sizes, bars, diamonds, and shreds plus holo hexes. Chemical Romance had no application issues at all and the swatches below are three coats with a clear base coat. 365 Days of Color recommends a white base to show off the neon-ness  but I wanted a little more subtle look.

Right hand to show the diamonds
I really love the look of this color! As you can see I had no glitter placement issues at all. Just a few on each nail, just the way I like it!


Hey, it's Erin!  I have Killer Kiss to show you.  I know I talk about "Erin Colors" all the time and this is an Erin Color.  It's coral but also subtle neon with sparse glitter.  It screams Erin.  I didn't want to layer it over white because they I would have lost all the cool white bar, circle and diamond glitters in it so I used 3 thin coats and I just love the color.  It's so cute and squishy. 

Cutest glitter ever
So soft and adorable! You can purchase 365 Days of Color's new Toxic Love collection for $8 for the full-sized bottles or $4.50 for a mini. You can also purchase the 4-piece collection for $30. Don't forget to like her Facebook page to find out about updates and sales! Because she hit 2,500 likes she is doing a 25% off sale from now through July 25th. Just use code FACEBOOK25 at checkout!!

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  1. I will have to check Sunny out! I need a good cuticle balm and Chemical Romance looks amazing!

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