Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Zoya Mia

I have finally found the perfect pink. Out of all my many bottles of dusty rose shades of polish, this paler bluer pink has won my heart. Mia amore!
Zoya Mia
While pale enough to almost qualify for mannequin hands status, the color is a crisper, cleaner shade than any of my other dusty roses. In fact, this can't even really be classified as "dusty" because there is no muted quality to it at all. Perfect for weddings, tea lunches, or any other lady-like settings, yet still edgy enough to not fall under any sort of grammy-lady damnation, Mia is now my default polish for when I can't decide what to wear next. It will always look polished and professional.
A perfect pink for shorter nails — or longer ones!
I've got a love-hate relationship with Zoya polishes — I'll love the color in the bottle, but hate them on my nails (Arizona), or I'll love it outside, but hate it indoors (Wednesday.) Not so with this one! Sunshine or shade, indoors or out, I loved everything about this polish. Perfect application (okay, there was still a bit of VNL with two coats, but I could live with that) and no chips or wear after two days. Love. This. Polish.
Label shot
If Zoya ever stops making this polish I will be bereft. I'm tempted to get a back-up bottle but Erin scolds me that no one ever empties a bottle, so I'm trusting that she's right. Maybe I should make her buy a bottle, just in case...

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