Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sation Sunset Silk & Love At First Lavender

Sation is a line of salon nail polishes that recently went through a much-needed rebranding and they sent us a few colors from their new line for us to review. We split them up and today I will review for you Sunset Silk and Love At First Lavender.

The old look and...

...the new look!

Sunset Silk is a lovely golden frost. As usual, the orangeness of it threw my camera color sensor out of wack so I decided to go for the color accuracy of the polish and not my skin — I am not really that gray-blue. The formula was no problem, although I found that if you polish the sides of your nails first and then go up the center there is less of an issue with brush strokes. (See how smooth my middle finger is as opposed to my ring finger?) Easy application, easy clean-up. A really nice, summery polish!
Sation Sunset Silk
Label shot.
Love At First Lavender is their top seller at Nailsupplies.us and I can see why it's so popular because I think I got more comments on this polish than I have on any other that I've worn! I knew as soon as I opened the bottle that my camera would not be able to capture the neon quality of this polish. It is possibly the brightest polish I've ever tried — I was surprised that it didn't glow in the dark. Because of that, I've taken shots in my usual "under the Ott light" method but also went outside to shoot in direct sunlight (which I usually reserve for holographic polishes) and in the shade. None of those captured it exactly but the range should give you a better idea of what it is like.
Indoors, under the Ott light — in reality it's less pink, more purple.
Direct sunlight — closer, but it's really a bit darker.
Shade — actually a bit bluer than this.
The formula for this was unlike any other I've ever tried. It was thick and kind of puffy, like the Puffy Paints we used to play with as kids. Even so, it still needed two coats because of all the bald spots due to the fact that it was too thick to flow well. Add on a top coat of Seche Vite and it's no surprise that I got a dent in my thumbnail even after an hour dry time. This is one thick manicure! But after it fully dried it was fine, with no more than normal wear after a day.
Puffy Paints!
Neon colors are all the rage this summer so I can't fault them on the color, but the difficult formula means that I'm unlikely to ever use this again. I'd only recommend getting Love At First Lavender if you couldn't find another similar neon lavender color in one of the many other neon lines making an appearance this summer.

**These polishes were provided by the manufacturer for an unbiased review**

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  1. wow I love both of those, so different to each other but both are so good! I really like the pinky neon purple!