Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sation- Stirring Silver and Gumdrop Glitter Red

This week we've been showing off some new colors from the recently re-branded Sation California Gleamin' collection! In case you missed them, check out Erin and Robin's posts from earlier in the week.

Sation is calling this collection limited. Does that mean when it's gone it's gone? Do we all need to rush to the Miss Professional Nail website and buy ALL THE POLISHES? Um maybe. Because some of them are pretty freaking awesome. The new Sation bottles are so nice too. I never thought I'd be excited about a nail polish bottle but here we are. It's unique but not awkward and dumb looking. The handle is long and easy to maneuver and the brush is wide and fat, just like I like em!

Here is Stirring Silver. Sation says, "a silver satin finish will attract all the fish in the sea." I don't really know what that means and it doesn't describe the color at all but I think this polish a lot more blue in it than it wants you to think. I think even calling it silver is a stretch. I'm going to describe it as a light blue-grey with a hidden blue shimmer. The shimmer only showed on the nail in certain lights and I tried my best to capture it in the pictures below.

Hello? Are you there shimmer?

Close up on the nail
Pros- This kind of color can end up looking like a sad dreary day but the shimmer helps lighten it up and making me happy when I look at it.
Cons- The formula was very thick and application took a little trial and error. I had to start over on a couple of nails because it was that difficult. BUT! It has a magic self-leveling quality that makes it ok. It may have a thick formula but at least it's not goopy.
Overall- I don't have any other colors like this one in my stash so that makes it a winner.

This is Gumdrop Glitter Red, "a rich classic red, all glammed up." That is a MUCH better description and the only thing I'd add is that it's got a squishy jelly base. That's something I can get down with. Application was fantastic and even though I was a little sloppy, you can see that clean up was a breeze.

Pros- You all  know I love a jelly so bonus points for the dreamy formula. And this is a red that doesn't stain! 
Cons- The red base with red glitter has a Christmas kind of feel to me. A lot of reds walk that fine line.
Overall- A jelly with a low price and glitter wins. Always.

You can purchase Sation through the Miss Professional Nail website for $5 a bottle. Who doesn't love that kind of price tag? Don't forget to Like them on Facebook!


  1. Ooh, I really *like* that red! Wow!

  2. The first one is cute, weird description though...